Mission Statement

Our Mission for he Harmony Collective is to develop tools and services to support mental, sexual, and emotional health from an individual to a global level.

Digging into the roots of Dr. Harmony’s Oriental Medicine Training, The Harmony Collective uses the 5 Element system approach to business. Each business is independent in its function as a business but cannot function without the interdependence with each of the other business.

All subsidiaries of THC carefully intertwine and support one another on all marketing solutions and strategies. Collaborating with the mission of make mental health care and advocacy accessible and affordable to as many people as we can.

All of our companies are heavily invested the software, mental health, divorce, trauma, and sexuality communities and all work towards common goals within their own medium. Since our inception in 2010 we have developed:

Brand Recognition

Professional Recognition and Designation

Several Retail Products

An Educational Program

A vast internet presence within our niche markets

The Primary Mission of The Harmony Collective is to support and provide advocacy for the individuals and families struggling with mental health challenges using the following tools:

Direct Individual and Community Service

Professional and Public Education

Technology and Tools