The Golden Jock

In early January 2012, I was a timid turtle attending my first Turtle Group meeting.  I was very cautious in this new environment, barely able to see across the pond wondering what I was getting myself into.  Across the table from me stat G.S.  He was easy going, funny, and very open and supportive.  I said nearly nothing, just listening and taking it all in.  He is the single most significant memory I have of my first meeting.

I was much more at ease in the second meeting.  G.S. was his typical humorous and empathetic self.  All the Turtles were great and very supportive.  Greg talked about doing a run the following weekend.  For some reason that bit of information stuck in my head.

The day before the following Turtle Group meeting, I had an inspiration.  I spray painted a jock strap gold (yes it was a NEW jock!), and phoned Dr. Harmony to ask if it was okay to present it to G.S. for his accomplishment in the run.  It was my way of thanking him for being part of such a welcoming and warm group.

That was the first time I felt fully immersed in the Turtle Pond.  From my initial view, the Turtle Pond was just a small pond where wounded Turtles were being nursed back to health.  I’ve learned it is so much more.  That little pond I first glimpsed is actually just a small bay in a Turtle Pond that encompasses the entire world, with thousands of wonderful beaches, vast stretches of oceans, mystical islands, continents of diversity of every combination of thought.

The Golden Jock was my small way to recognize the other wonderful Turtles and begin the process of a lifetime of expanding my mind each and every day alongside a special group of enlightened people.